Edelweiss The company was originally founded in the sixties in Bolzano and was recognized in 1986 as one of the collaborators , Mr. Corrado Muraro which is the current holder . Today, the company is mainly engaged in metal carpentry and specifically carry out tasks such as implementations of aqueducts and hydraulic manifolds , installation of flues and special processing elements , based on both professional and drawings made ​​simply by hand. The products are designed, developed and customized in accordance with the requirements of the customer , which is always guaranteed the fulfillment of his desires and the materials used in manufacturing , are all present in the region. And ‘ essential for the company to always offer great service and meet the deadlines of the client, in order to remedy the building frenzy of the world that often does not take into consideration the main needs . The name Edelweiss is synonymous of availability and great services!